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Advanced fleet management system

Safe and efficient fleet management thanks to ecoTRUCK™ Diagnosis - Your tool for success


ecoTRUCK™ is an innovative remote diagnosis platform integrated with a vehicle monitoring and tracking system, all while supporting a plethora of brands. It allows diagnosing a vehicle while on the road from the comfort of a simple web application.

ecoTRUCK™ is a comprehensive system that meets the diverse needs of different user groups. For workshop employees, key information includes real-time errors and vehicle operation parameter monitoring. Dispatchers need to have insights into the position and working hours of drivers. Fleet managers require data on vehicle wear and upcoming inspections. We are well aware of individual user-specific needs, which is why we have created an extensive yet flexible and user-friendly system that fulfils those requirements.

ecoTRUCK™ combines conventional and innovative solutions. The key innovation is the remote vehicle diagnosis and real-time parameter reading. Our product provides insight into the level of wear and tear of vehicle components without the need to connect a diagnostic computer to the OBD socket. Additionally, the system enables remote clearing of power reduction mode and stored errors. For maximum user convenience, all of this is accessible through a web browser.


ecoTRUCK™ is a tool dedicated to managing vehicles of many brands from one cohesive web application. The system works with most popular European manufacturers' vehicles and, if necessary, is open to adding new models.
One of the main design principles of the system was easy and fast vehicle data updates. New data appearing on the server is immediately available to all devices and clients. This allows for a quick introduction of a new vehicle type into the system without additional installation or configuration.
Customers can rest assured that in the future when they expand their fleet with new vehicles, all of them will still be supported by our system.


GPS Tracking
Monitor the vehicle's position in real time, display the history of trips and halts.
Monitoring of fuel and AdBlue®
Manage fuel and AdBlue® usage; track fuel consumption for specific time frames.
Managing trailers
Maximise the utility of your trailers.
Automated time control
Manage the driving and rest time of your drivers.
Downloading DDD Tacho
Remotely collect data from driver cards and tachographs. Save your employees' time.
Company - driver communicator
Quickly and efficiently communicate with your drivers. Send messages and update statuses.