Stay up to date with the technical condition of your vehicles.<br>
Gather data on service operations, insurance policies, and legalisation in one place.


Regular monitoring of wear and servicing activities. Enhanced service planning and streamlined spare parts management. Complete automation of data recording, along with automatic report generation. Enhanced efficiency in driver-service processes.

ecoTRUCK™ regularly reads data from vehicle controllers regarding wear and service activities. This information is necessary for planning periodic service activities. Imagine being able to check the thickness of brake linings in a car located in Paris without leaving your desk. In addition to incredible convenience, this brings several benefits:

  • better service planning
  • more efficient spare parts management
  • reduced downtime and breakdown risk
  • elimination of communication problems between the driver and the service (the driver didn't report, the fleet manager didn't pass on - these are common excuses, especially when it turns out that the vehicle is running with unchanged oil).

The system also stores information about conducted services - time, location, and procedure logs. Additionally, after registering a performed inspection, a report is automatically generated (error readings and vehicle condition). Automation also includes calendars and notebooks - no more manual data logging.