In ecoTRUCK™, we understand the problems and everyday challenges of the transport industry. We know how difficult and surprising this job can be for every transport company employee. Unfortunately, extreme situations such as breakdowns or accidents in the middle of the night are a constant element accompanying this sector.

For the telematics/vehicle tracking industry, trucks are simply abstract, tracked objects, no different from passenger cars. At ecoTRUCK™, we remember that transport revolves primarily around the driver and vehicle, and we build our system around them.

ecoTRUCK™ was conceived out of specialized knowledge in electronics and vehicle diagnostics - issues regarding automotive solutions are our daily bread. That is why you can turn to us for help even with more complicated technical problems with your vehicle.

ecoTRUCK™ is based entirely on our own technology, developed by a dedicated R&D department. This allows us to respond to customer needs with hand-tailored solutions, personalized with each company's requirements in mind. Simultaneously, we constantly search for new avenues of improvement, many of which have arisen from conversations with employees of transport companies. That is why you can let ecoTRUCK™ pleasantly surprise you in the near future.




Discover the ways ecoTRUCK™ can support your company.

A company with several dozen vehicles of various brands, providing international transportation services, having its workshop and mechanics. One of its significant problems was the issue of breakdown abroad.
The vehicles operated by the company no longer had a factory warranty, which resulted in significant costs when breakdowns occurred during trips. When repaired by a foreign service, these costs could be several times higher than if done by the company's mechanic.

In order to prevent expensive services and unnecessary downtime, the company hired and trained a dedicated mechanic. The mechanic was capable of resolving less complex malfunctions, especially those that did not require a diagnostic computer, although the company was equipped with this type of device. Unfortunately, the process of repairing such failures was time-consuming, which ultimately resulted in even higher costs and unnecessary downtime.

After the mechanic arrived at the site and checked the vehicle, it often turned out that the replacement of a specific part was required for effective repair. The problem of how to obtain them would arise shortly after, either the parts were not readily available at local workshops or their price significantly exceeded those of a local supplier. Additionally, a decision had to be made whether the mechanic should stay overnight waiting for the parts or return to the base and come back later. In many such situations, properly instructing the driver would solve the problem altogether.

Another recurring issue arose when vehicles frequently returned to the base during the night, specifically on Friday evenings. The workshop, typically operating at maximum capacity on Saturdays, was rarely adequately equipped to handle unforeseen malfunctions - a forewarning could make the job much more efficient.


The implementation of the ecoTRUCK™ system has helped the company perform regular diagnostics. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the number of failures by detecting problems before a critical breakdown would occur, which would in turn render further driving impossible.

In the event of a breakdown on the route, it was now possible to remotely determine the cause of the failure and decide whether further driving posed a safety threat. From now on, the mechanic knew what parts and tools would be needed before leaving the base. Often, the mechanic was not required altogether, and the failure could be repaired by simply providing the driver with the necessary parts.

The issue with regular servicing and workshop preparation for returning vehicles had also been resolved. Thanks to the service module in ecoTRUCK™, mechanics were now able to anticipate which faults would need to be fixed and were able to prepare the necessary parts in advance.